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July 10 2015


check punches

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I was wondering if managers have a way of changing punches once you have clocked in or out.

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Tips on increasing bar speed?

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I've been a partner for about a month and a half. I have most of the stuff down in what it takes to be a partner, but I think I could benefit from increasing my speed at bar. Does anyone have some tips, tricks, or anything that helps increase the speed of drink-making, while still being able to make a quality drink?

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Store managers, I have a question.

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I'm about to start panelling for ASM, eventually going to become a store manager. I'll keep this short. Is the salary that you make livable? I know it is based off the amount of time you've been with the company, what you currently make, etc. I know it's a broad question, but any information would help. Thanks!

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Been out of work for the last three weeks.....

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.....due to a severely sprained ankle. I've been using this sub to keep up to date but when I go back on Monday what do I need to know?

I'm in New York. Are there any new action items? I saw our prices went up..... How much?

Help me catch up fellow partners!!

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Starbucks in Vietnam. (They have Frappuccino carrier handles!)

Praying to Oprah

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We have a green bean that's been here for nearly 3 weeks and still cannot get POS. that would be fine if that was the extent of it, but when I'm repeating myself 6 times a night for one thing and getting ignored, I start losing my patience. It makes extra work for an already strapped team. 5 different people now, on different shifts, have all said the same thing about said green bean, and that's fucking ridiculous.

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just another day in paradise

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just want to rant about the lovely people that flock the earth these days, from the lovely two teenage besties who stereo-typically only order frapppuccinos that rudely thieved a foreign couples sandwiches off the bar bc the couple didnt grab them the first few times i called out their order. I dont even have to wish that you rich, spoon-fed teens get your karma, it'll get ya. To the oh so pleasant lady who decided to light up her stogie in the middle of our seating area. I dont quite know where you lost your marbles? please find them. no this isnt "the smoking section" ???? Starbucks doesn't promote nor even allow smoking near the buildings. Much to my surprise she then proceeded to attempt to burn another person in our lobby bc she thought they "reported" her for smoking. Where in fact no one reported her, we all just smelled the smoke obviously since we're all indooors?? there really isnt a moral to my story, just a reminder how joyful customer service can be sometimes :-) :-) :-)

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Today, I didn't "just say yes" and it was glorious.

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We have an older male customer who always comes in and orders a Venti soy no whip hot chocolate, then says he has to go to the bathroom before he actually pays for it, then comes back through the line after he goes potty and says "last time my secretary came in to get it and it was cold/had whip/wasn't soy/was wrong in some way or another/bullshit bullshit bullshit. Which he immediately follows with "so can you comp that for me?" I am never on reg, so I always see him but never actually can get to the reg to tell him to shove it up his ass. Until today. Today, this beautiful, wonderful, fabulous day, I was on the register when he made the decision to come in to get it himself instead of "his secretary." I entertained his whole routine. Order, potty, back through the line, "my drink was wrong when my secretary came to get it earlier, CAN YOU COMP THAT FOR ME?" But today, was not his day. Me: Oh wow, it was wrong AGAIN? That really sucks so much that it was wrong AGAIN like every other time. Him: Well last time it was cold, today it just was wrong. Me: OH WOW THAT SUCKS SO MUCH! I can't believe it was wrong AGAIN. really loud obnoxious fake laugh Him: Yeah, I'm sure it won't happen again after today....... Me: HA oh yeah, I'm sooo suuuuure it won't happen again. big fuck you smile on my face you're not getting it for free today. He stormed out LOL Also, my two weeks are in so I won't be "just saying yes" at all over the next 14 days.

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discovered today that no one at my store has been cutting cold brew with water except me!

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it's like reading promotional materials and going on the portal once every 2 weeks is hard to do!

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The best thing happened today.

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There was a mini early afternoon rush this morning as I was training my 3-day-old baby Barista on DTO. So I'm helping her take orders and DTR and running back and forth to help the bar make Frappuccinos. The car with the 6 Crappu Frappuccinos finally gets all their drinks and assorted birthday cake pops and leaves! I'm ready at the window with this guys Flat White in my hand. He pulls up and just as I'm about to apologize for the small wait he say while laughing, "Hey! We thought you were in there grinding the coffee beans yourself!" He laughs at his passive-aggressive joke and I mean, I'll take a good-natured complaint over a snotty basic bitch any day! Then I realized I had the most wonderful opportunity! As I was running his credit card I said, "Yes! Yes, actually! Here at Starbucks we serve hand crafted beverages. The beans that were used to make your Venti decaf vanilla nonfat Flat-White's three ristretto espresso shots were ground specifically for your drink! So you are actually correct, sir! We were grinding the coffee." He looks at me in amazement (the drink was actually for his passenger, so I imagine he doesn't frequent SBUX often) and says, "Oh...Shit, I never knew that." I give a kind understanding smile, "You have a good day, sir" and I shut the window to help my floundering green bean take an order.

Just thought I'd share with all of you. Not everyday that I get to tell someone that the reason they waited "so long" for their drink was because we literally made it by hand (never assume and all that). It was glorious.

Also, I got my Black Apron yesterday! XD

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PSA: Don't try Cold Brew with Mango Syrup

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It takes like cough syrup.

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July 09 2015


"I want two tall vanilla bean frappuccinos with one squirt of raspberry in each but if they taste like cotton candy I'm going to throw them at you. "

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Kindly barista on register starts to explain that it will taste like cotton candy as that is the recipe for cotton candy when the customer interrupts her with "I get it all the time, just shut up and make my drinks!" I have a green bean on bar (certified two days ago) so I hop in to make her extra special drinks. Every customer in line behind her giggled their butts of when she left along with the staff. As much as I would love to be angry with her I have to instead say thank you random angry woman for giving us a good belly jiggle.

<!-- SC_ON --> submitted by firecrotchriot
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So I finally tried...

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... the VOR.

/u/monkeyeighty8 was kind enough to send some VOR via's to me before VOR died forever. (THANK YOU!!!!!) I've never tried it before, as many here will know.

When I busted out the pack, my SM immediately grabbed it and went, "Where did you get this?!?" My answer? "Secret." He wasn't satisfied with that non-answer lol. Meh.

The general consensus among the partners in my store (many of whom have never had VOR either) was that the powder looked a lot like Tang. It made a little puff of smoke when I poured it in the cup.

One of the main issues everyone had was the colour. It was ... cloudy? I know refreshers in general are clear, so it threw me a bit. That's probably characteristic of VIA's though.

As for the taste? On the whole? I "get it". It's orange-y, kinda sweet, kinda tart, but not so sour that you can't drink it. Probably would be really nice with a splash of lemonade. One of my partners tried it, made a face, and said it tasted like "medicinal Kool-Aid". A few others tried it too. It was good, don't get us wrong - but we could see why it wasn't a huge seller in Canada.

I'm not disappointed with it. In fact, thanks to this sub, I never would have tried it in the first place! I can cross this off my Sbx bucket list, I suppose. :)

And if no one has said it enough in the past few days: RIP VOR.

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