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August 28 2017


Can we wear non-Starbucks pins on our aprons?

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If pins are made by a third party and in good taste can we wear them?

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Recycling Magnet

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Happy Monday everyone! Can anyone tell me the sku for the "recycling in your store" magnet that supposed to be on the bar fridge? ♻️🌿

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Former barista promoted to customer: I feel like going to a Starbucks isn't a pleasant experience.

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I remember that third world bullshit being shoved down our throats and while I loved the job and my partners dearly, as a customer now I take a moment and every time I go to a Starbucks this is what I see:

Baristas panicking and rushing. Everyone stressed out and glaring at each other. Noisy timers and ovens going off every second. Baristas speaking at the speed of light. Unprepared customers making everyone's job harder and everybody's wait longer. The horrible sound of a sticker printing. Total eyesores such as empty pitchers with bag of tea in them, scattered pastry bags, everything on the counter ends up on the floor. Losers leaving their dining tables a mess.

I wish Starbucks wasn't so hectic so the poor baristas would be able to feel supported and take a deep breath.

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Texas Partners and Disaster Pay

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If you are a Texas partner (Houston here) and are getting hit by Harvey, remember you do get paid under "Disaster Pay". You will get paid for the hours you were scheduled. If you are unable to get to the store due to flooding, or transportation loss, you will still get paid. I printed the paper out, and left it at the store. I completely forgot to take a picture of it to post here.

If someone can look up "disaster pay" on the portal and post a picture of it here to show partners quote the it to show others, that would be great. If I remember correctly, disaster pay works as if power outage or inclement weather causes the store to not be open during normal store hours. I think it's in the resource manual. If so, it was around pages 14-18.

Please inform your coworkers so they aren't bummed about losing hours or their paycheck. Hope everyone is staying dry and safe in the mean time!

Edit: Mod just informed me that can't post pictures of the manual.

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Reminder to all my bro-ristas in SoCal

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Drink water and let us get through this heat wave while PSL ironically releases soon

I'm ass at drinking water so this post is to remind me also

Luv 💟

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Character alignments for customers. GO!

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I've got a few, one inspired by an earlier post.

Lawful good: Americano/black coffee drinkers Chaotic good: Misses speaker box, gets out of truck, walks to speaker box and orders Chaotic evil: people who order at the window Lawful evil: Doesn't say hi, spits order out at you, tells you they asked for no whip and they're right.

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1 week in and already feeling like a burden??

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Green bean here. I worked 3 days this past week, and had to open this morning. Every single one of my co workers are extremely caring, sweet, and understanding about me being new. This morning was my first real test of what it's like during a rush. I was so flustered, I burned myself countless times, I kept putting stickers on the wrong cups, and I wasn't sequencing well enough. I felt the need to apologize to the person I opened with because I really felt like I made things more complicated. It was an overall eye opener to what y'all go through on a daily basis (kudos to y'all for sticking it out for as long as you guys have!!).

Any tips for my 2nd week? I close 3 days and it gets pretty packed around the times I work.

I also apologize if y'all are annoyed with the amount of these similar posts made by new people. I know it's really redundant to have to repeat yourselves, but I've been reading lots of posts here since I started. TIA.

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I worked DT today. My day was filled with people wanting to add more drinks at the window and 12 Frappuccino’s a car.

PLEASE ORDER EVERYTHING AT THE SPEAKER. You want a cake pop at the window? Ok. A cheese danish? Sure. 4 more fucking drinks? COME. INSIDE. Our window times were horrible and people were so incredibly rude. I know what you ordered! I repeated it back to you at the speaker and you said it was okay. So don’t come to my window trying to get a free drink by saying it wasn’t what you wanted. To the customers who were respectful: thank you!!! I didn’t get much of that today.

Don’t call me a bitch because you ordered 6 macchiatos and you had to wait 5 minutes.

If you missed the speaker box please back up if you can. Don’t just drive to my window.

Be generous with nice words. We’ve been working very hard to make you your drinks and get them out on time. If you’re having a bad day don’t take it out on the people who are making your drinks! I haven’t had a complaint like this in a very long time. Today was stressful and busy and there were so many times I had to remake drinks and take your 17 mocha Frappuccino’s out of the drink carrier because you decided you didn’t need it anymore.

Be. Nice.

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August 27 2017


Am I in the wrong? (Advice needed)

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So this week has been a rollercoaster. I won't get into coworker drama cause it doesnt really add to this part of my story that i need help with. My SM is new, shes only been with this store id say a month before I was hired, so about 5 months give or take. Weve lost nearly half of our experienced partners and have hired nearly 10 green beans including myself. 3 of which quit before their 3rd month.

Anyway! I had an important surgery this week, I was already upset about being scheduled for only 13 hours this week but now i had to give up a shift, doctors orders, nothing i could do. [Insert other coworker drama blah blah blah] I had told my SM about this the moment I knew, which was actually less than an hour before my shift the week prior. She tells me i need to try and get it covered, ok, seems easy enough i have 4 days.

I proceed to go to 4 stores not including my own to try and get this shift covered to no avail. I text my SM and tell her the news; "I tried, I cant come in period for that shift, what do I do? I need your help." She pretty just tells me "sucks to suck, its your shift find a replacement."

I cant and I dont make it to work, but i dont get a call... ok maybe my SM finally stepped up, got it covered... i go in today for my other shift and my SSV calls me to the back and tells me i need to call our SM and that my shift is covered tonight. Im a little pissed but i wasnt feeling well anyway so whatever. I check the schedule and im not scheduled for the next 2 weeks.

I assume im fired, but i did all I could. I dont see where I went wrong, what do I do? I still havent called my SM just yet. Help...

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Pray to the Siren for us today

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We're super short staffed, someone just no call no showed, and someone who was scheduled outside his availability isn't coming in.

It's 3 oclock now, by 6 it will be only me and my shift lead until we close at 10pm.

We are a high volume cafe and DT store. Wish us luck.

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