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April 28 2017


What coffee for neutral safe default?

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Im going to bring some coffee to some people i have never met before. Due to circumstances, its not like i can ask what kind they like before i show up.

So i was wondering what is a good coffee i can get for each person ?

Do i just get different kinds and ask who wants what? I feel like this is bad tbh

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Crappy Hour is next week: Embrace the madness and try to stay positive, folks!

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Just a few words that I hope will be encouraging.

I know the majority of the voiced on this subreddit say they hate frappuccino hour with a passion, and it seems like a few are going in with a very negative attitude.

I know it sucks, but this is our job and we should try to take pride in that even if it gets tough. If you go in with a 100% negative attitude, you'll come out feeling even worse - and it'll reflect onto the customers.

So yeah, try to stay positive and, if you can't, at least put on ya best customer service smile and keep the frustrations for BOH.

Also: Remember to drink water!! It'll be busy, busy, busy. You'll be moving faster and you'll easily get dehydrated if you don't drink water everyone 30-60 minutes. Set a timer if needs be, but remember that your health is more important that Gertrude's needs.


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Sleep Advice for an opener?

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So it seems every Friday I have to open the store, work 5 hrs, and then go to my other job for another 5, which is fine. However, for some reason when I try to go to sleep Thursday evenings I can never actually get a good night's sleep, waking up every hour or two. I'm always exhausted and at the point where I might start popping Benadryl to help me sleep; though I do have pretty bad environmental allergies so I suppose it would be a win either way.

But anyway, does anyone have advice to help me sleep better on these nights?

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Covering a shift a Reserve store and

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Someone asked for a cape verde and I excused myself to go bother the SS to learn what that even was. Told the guest, "Sorry, I don't work here," and walked away.

Aaaaaand that, newbies, is exactly what you don't ever say. Needless to say, he was quite confused by my choice of words.

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Getting a black apron soon, any tips?

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Our DM came by the store and our coffee lead and DM both approved of me getting trained for coffee master. I have no clue what's next. They told me I'll begin training in summer, any tips for training? My coffee lead said it's alot of work.

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April 27 2017

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