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February 19 2016


February 18 2016


A positive perspective from someone putting in their two week's notice.

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Since the summer I've been working a job at the bux, which doesn't pay very much and isn't exactly the most glamorous, like many other people in school or recently out of school. Because I'm still in the process of taking undergraduate courses, I'm basically a 20-something worker with a high school diploma in a sea of 20-something workers with high school diplomas. It's a pretty normal situation.

Since getting hired I've been trying really hard to do well and sincerely trust / work with whatever critical feedback is given to me. It's about half a year later and - in large part because of me putting in effort at my current employer - one of many job postings I applied to led to an interview and now an offer for a new job.

There were three other people who made it to the interview stage and if I didn't have props from my superiors on my resume I'm not sure if I would've gotten an offer. Additionally, at my current workplace I get along really well with everyone in part because I'm not making everyone else's job harder and I sincerely want to help the people I am supposed to be helping. And above all when I got to work early and did a good job and everything else, I felt good about myself.

So because I tried to work hard and be cool - even though it wouldn't affect my pay - I ended up having a really great experience working for the company and some little garnishes on my resume which likely led to me getting a new job.

The whole situation is really affirming the value of investing extra effort, even when that effort doesn't seem to immediately pay off.

I know there can sometimes be some resentment here, and I'm guessing that part of it is from some sort of sampling bias – people who don't feel strongly about something don't feel the need to rant about it – but at the end of the day your shift supervisor, manager, district manager, and even regional manager probably have very little if anything to do with your hourly pay and whatever else. And at the end of the day you did walk into a store with a suit and tie or whatever really hoping that you would even be given a job, which you probably got over some other people who wanted it too.

Me getting this new job is in large part thanks to my coworkers and superiors at Starbucks giving me the ability to get better at what I was doing and recognizing me when I did. I'm still very thankful to have been hired and have enjoyed my experience with the company.

These lessons of the value of hard work – regarding how it makes me feel, how it makes my coworkers feel, how it makes my customers feel, and how it positions me for future advances – are something that I am going to take with me to wherever I go next.

Yes there were ups and downs like most of us have had, generally and specifically in this sort of job. That said, I've learned a lot, and I'm happy it happened.

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February 17 2016


"What's your name?"

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I was DTR the other day during a rush and had a woman come up to my window and pay for her drink. I handed her the light ice berry refresher that she ordered. She proceeds to shake her trenta cup and then glare at me and say she always has a problem with this location. I ask what the problem is and how I can help and she yells at me that she said light ice. I look at her cup again and I tell her that we did give her light ice, but it has floated to the top so it might look as if the cup is full of ice but it is not. She then gets really snarky and says "Yes, that's what ice does." She's nodding, eyes wide, and talking to me like I'm some baby. Like I am some big idiot. I know that she's being mean on purpose but my goal is to make sure that she doesn't drive away upset. So I explained that normally the cup would look like it has ice from top to bottom, but light ice would mean only a small portion of the cup has ice in it. I then asked if she had assumed light ice meant easy ice, as in no ice. Like when people say easy on the dressing or easy on the salt. She gives me the dirtiest look and just starts to drive away so I say "I'm sorry! Have a nice day!" She slammed on her brakes and asks my name. I tell her and then try to ask again if she wanted another drink made but she just nods, gives me a shit eating grin, and speeds away. I am completely dumbfounded and still stressed out about it. I like to think I am ridiculously nice, more so than most. I know I need to get over this but she was so mean and condescending. I just had to vent about it. I already told my shift leader that was on the floor at the time and my manager, and both of them said they'd let me know if she calls. I just can't believe that people can be so cruel. She's not even the worst person I've encountered, but I've never had anybody talk to me like I was so beneath them before. There's no way for me to recreate the tone she was using but it was definitely belittling. Even the dude that called me a bitch on my first day in cafe when I was really slow at the computer wasn't as harsh.

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I hear a lot of people saying that Starbucks is the McDonalds of coffee....

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And I just want to say, have you tried Dunkin' Donuts? That shit is gross. Their coffee is worse than a lot of gas station coffees, they're donuts are stale and shitty, their machines are faaaaar more automated than ours, their breakfast sandwiches are terrible, and the service? Incredibly shitty.

This is where I love Starbucks. I can go to almost any Starbucks and at least receive decent service, if not amazing service. Baristas almost always are chatty and incredibly nice. I've yet to find a Dunkin' where that is the case. Granted, I haven't been to a ton of Dunkins since I'm on the west coast, but I've been to enough to form an opinion of the company as a whole, and it's not the best opinion.

Starbucks may not be that super hipster third wave cafe with fancy brewing machines and locally roasted coffee, but it's the next best thing. Yeah sure, our espresso if too dark and bitter, our main PPR sucks ass, and sometimes speed can triumph over the customer connection, but with all that said, Starbucks is a great company to work for, and has some pretty amazing coffee.

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Will Starbucks ever get unsweetened non-dairy milks?

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Hi! I'm a Starbucks drinker who's suddenly (sadly) developed a severe dairy allergy. So I've been scoping my new dairy-free landscape and while I was happy to find Starbucks has two non-dairy options (what a world to live in), I'm sad to see they're all sweetened. Other than a half-sweetened peppermint mocha maybe 2-3x/year, I'm a fairly no-nonsense latte/cappuccino/coffee kinda gal.

So I was curious to know whether anyone's heard talk of getting unsweetened options in any time soon? Or is it maybe just not popular?

I just found this sub so let me know if it's a silly question. :P

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Interviewing for SS at another store...what to expect?

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I'm currently a Barista and I really love my store, but I'm looking for a new challenge. Another store in my district is hiring for SS and I have an interview next week. My SM is planning to do a mock interview with me sometime this week to get me prepared. Do any of you have any tips? (I would say I'm definitely qualified for the job, just nervous for the interview.)

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"Can I get an iced upside down vanilla latte?"

<!-- SC_OFF -->

proceeds to stir it after the hand off

I need to go home.

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February 16 2016


Speculation on next week's big announcement?

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Sorry if this thread exists, couldn't find it.

I'm worried what the big mysterious announcement next Monday will be. Doesn't sound like good news. Any calming thoughts?

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Lights camera action!

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Today my store has had cameras in it all day filming segments for a training video for starbucks to use! Been crazy!

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"what size would you like?" "I want it in a mug." "what size would you like?"

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"...and what is your name?" "I said a chai latte." "yes, thank you. And what is your name?"

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Help! Machine chamber error

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Getting error w-050 brew chamber position error! No idea what my model is!

At a licensed store in a Kroger, worked here for 5 weeks and SM is on vacation with me in charge! I am having fun.

I have tried moving, unlocking and relocking the hopper 8 times, vacuumed ever knook and run 3 cleaning cycles (about to run out of tablets not knowing where more are).

Ready to cry. Any ideas?

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Good pranks to pull on partners?

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Like when I'm having a really easy close and want to prank the openers ;)

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Latte 1st anything. Ugly heart

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So after months of trying to do latte art I finally got something to work. I only get to practice about once a week or two so in the past 5 months I've only attempted about 10 lattes, err ummm flat whites.

This is the best I can do for now. I was making a better one than this but I got bumped by a fellow barista and it killed the whole thing.

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