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January 29 2018


Merchandise using Starbucks app

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Can I buy merchandise like mugs using my Starbucks app/ gift cards?

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policy on breaking $100s?

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this guy today comes in and orders a couple drinks and some food for himself and his daughter. he tries to pay with a hundred dollar bill, and i give him my usual “sorry, im not allowed to take bills over $50! sorry for the inconvenience” schpiel, tell him that theres a cvs down the street if hea desperate for his $100 to be broken, and he deadass looks at me and says “thats illegal”. i looked at him and i said “no its not, and even if it wasnt against policy, i wouldnt be able to break your bill because i dont have enough change in my register. do you have another form of payment you can use?” and he ends up paying with his debit card. like dude! why did it have to be such a big deal? most people are really nice and understanding about it. idk if its actually against policy or not, but my supervisors have always told me not to accept $100 bills unless its for a reload of that amount, or if its a large tab. can anyone verify?

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Its probably in a docunent somehwere, but do we have to have another partner make our drinks? I know we are supposed to have someone mark it out for us, but I like to make my own.

Similarly, are we required to make other partners/store managers drinks?

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Transferring because of an SM

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I would like to talk to someone who has experience with this or knows a little about how the process works.... I don’t want to write the whole ordeal on this post, but if there’s anyone that could PM me and help me out a bit I would be forever grateful :-)

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Starbucks reward apron for sale anywhere?

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Really interested in buying one. The one at my store got claimed and I absolutely love the colours. Any chance of someone wanting to sell in America?

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Drink suggestions for a non-coffee drinker?

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First of all, I'm not a barista, just a customer who likes to lurk here. Hope that's okay!

For some reason, people keep giving me Starbucks gift cards even though I hate coffee. The only drink I like right now is the iced chai latte, but I was hoping to branch out and try something new. I like fruity and sweet, but not frappuccino-sweet (I get the worst sugar crash). Any suggestions?

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Pour Over Guy (kind of Venti)

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okay i've been dealing with this regular for months now and i think it's about time for me to tell the good people of r/starbucks about the devil himself, the customer from Hell, Pour Over Guy.

this dude comes in EVERY day around 9-10am-ish. doesn't matter how long the line is and how many people are waiting behind him, he ALWAYS wants a dark roast pour over. and the roast he wants is different every day. doesn't matter if i'm literally brewing the exact same dark roast he wants in the brewers. nope, he wants a pour over. so he'll pay for his pour over with his app, but then immediately want to reload it with the exact amount of change he has in his pocket, which of course is a different amount each day so we can never predict how much to reload. so one of us has to step aside to make this guy's dumb pour over while he sits himself in one of the chairs next to the bar and attempts to flirt with whatever girl just happens to be baring at that moment, calling every girl behind the counter 'sweetheart' and all that shit. he also tries to joke around by telling us to make his coffee extra hot, which is impossible since the water we brew with is 200F. thinks he's so fucking suave and funny.

so when his pour over is finished (in a tall cup mind you), we bring it over to him, and he also always wants a grande cup with a certain amount of syrup pumps, and this is also different every day. so we pump these syrups in this hot grande cup, give it to him, and he POURS THE BREWED COFFEE FROM THE TALL CUP IN BETWEEN THE GRANDE CUP back and forth, back and forth like 7 times. (btw he never pays for his syrup bc every time we try to charge him for it he throws a hissy fit and refuses to pay) he then takes a sip, says 'nope add more of [insert syrup here]', we add that syrup, then he asks for a shit ton of whip cream. like a LOT. so much so that we can't even get the lid on half the time. and this entire time he is STILL trying to hit on all the girls behind the counter. and if it's a guy who's baring, he won't shut the hell up saying how he's achieved SO MUCH TODAY and 'wow sure looks busy right how ;)' while the bar person is trying to make 3 other drinks at once because there are so many other customers in the store.

and even after this guy gets his drink, we still have to deal with this stupid antics because he'll put on a bluetooth earpiece and loudly babel business talk on it for 3 hours and very obviously stare at the girls behind the counter. hell i've caught him staring at me a couple times. i'm thankfully on customer support nearly every day so the most i have to do for this man is make the pour-over and not actually talk to him, but god damn i feel so bad for all my coworkers that have to directly face him on a daily basis. it's to the point where if i see him walk in i'm like 'whoops i suddenly remembered all those dirty dishes in the back escape' he'll also get up from his table and walk back and forth talking loudly on the phone, mostly walking straight thru the customers that are waiting in line, which is just rude.

i fucking hate this man. not only is he picky to the point of ridiculousness but he won't stop fucking trying to hit on us. it creeps me the fuck out and i don't feel safe at all when i'm around him. he's even told my manager TO HER FACE that she has a 'nice ass' so idk how this guy isn't banned from the store yet. my store got one of those $500 bonuses for the quarter and all of us joked that we should use it to bribe Pour Over Guy into never setting foot into our store ever again. the rest of my coworkers act all ~Customer Service Smile :)~ when he's around but we all equally hate him because always holds up the line, always gets a complicated as fuck drink, is never satisfied, won't shut the fuck up and talks to us when we're trying to work, and won't stop trying to flirt with every single woman in the store.

Pour Over Guy if you're reading this, fuck you and every thing you stand for. i hope you die in a fire because i am so sick of dealing with you and so sick of you making the rest of my coworkers so uncomfortable. 凸( •̀_•́ )凸

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I LOVED the Chestnut Praline, what other drinks should I try?

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Chestnut Praline was seasonal + always seem to be sold out, so I'm looking for some recommendations.

Drinks I enjoy, half sweet where possible (I don't visit Starbucks often):
- Iced green tea latte
- Iced green tea lemonade
- Chestnut Praline
- Pumpkin Spice
- Iced black tea with milk (essentially milk tea)

Drinks that were meh:
- Almond vanilla latte

Drinks I hated:
- Creme brulee latte
- Peppermint Mocha

Also found this on a post trying to recreate Chestnut Praline, but I don't quite understand the abbreviations. If someone could decipher them that'd be great!

A grande latte with 2 WM, 1 TN, 1 CD and CD sprinkles on WC.

Thank you!

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Today I....

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Clocked out for the last time. Special thanks to my starbucks family, I loved my time being here.

Also, I made some great tips today cause every regular got their drink for free. I'm really going to miss them all.

Farewell friends. ❤️

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A Venti No ice Guide to Deaf Customers

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Since this comes up every week now, let's get some learning done here. There is limited training on the Hub is available, "Creating a Deaf Friendly Environment." It's a PDF and is a very informative read. But if you're not at work or near your BOH computer, let's do this and take it twelve steps further.

So you have a newfound Deaf customer, and the first thing you're asking yourself is: What do I do? Here are some tips from a ASL interpreting student. I'm not claiming to know EVERYTHING, but to help even a little-

FIRST, find out how they want to communicate with you. Not all Deaf persons communicate in the same way. Be polite and be respectful, allow them to approach you. Some may have an interpreter, some may write, some may use their phone, lip-read, sign, or gesture at you. They will have their own preferred method, be respectful of it. You may not always get to sign 100% right off the bat.

General tips: maintain eye contact with the customer, do not SPEAK VERY LOUDLY (that's counterproductive and rude), don't ignore or brush them off (generally rude even with hearing customers). Be polite, be friendly, and follow their lead.

IF THEY HAVE AN INTERPRETER, do NOT speak to the interpreter. Maintain eye contact and focus on the customer. It is rude if you ignore the Deaf customer and favor the interpreter.

IF THEY READ LIPS, do NOT exaggerate your lip movements or speak much slower unless they themselves tell you to. Make sure that you are facing them when you speak to them. Keep your hair/hands/etc out of your face so they can see your lips.

So now the fun part, THEY SIGN! How do you communicate if they sign? Buckle up. To grossly simplify, Sign Language is not just english with your hands. It is its' own language with grammar and linguistic intricacies and accents. It is NOT universal. If you are in Canada you may find customers can use either ASL (American Sign) or LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise / Quebec Sign Language). In the UK there is British Sign Language (BSL) and Irish Sign Language (ISL) with their own respective regional differences. For the purpose of this guide and my own knowledge of the subject, these resources are going to be geared towards American Sign Language. If you're going to learn take it as seriously as you would any spoken language. It's beautiful, it's fun, and it's absolutely worth learning.

Single-video Youtube resources for Starbucks/Customer Service signs:

If you want to learn Sign as another language, you actual best bet is via your local college/community college. Sign is best learned in person, and with help from a local Deaf community; but, if you're restricted then the following online resources will help you.

  • Lifeprint aka ASLU - Dr. Bill Vicars of California State University has uploaded an entire curricula of ASL 1 and 2 via his youtube channel along with a video dictionary on Lifeprint. He is the most-linked resource for those beginning ASL.
  • Meredith ASL - Meredith ASL is a YouTube channel with captioned videos.
  • Handspeak - Handspeak is still in beta AFAIK but has a wealth of lessons, a dictionary, and assorted resources to browse.
  • SignSavvy - SignSavvy is a dictionary, first and foremost. It will not guide you through the grammar and heart of Sign, but might help if you're familiar with the language. Keep in mind a major component of signs is CONTEXT so the sign listed may not 100% be correct.
  • As always, /r/ASL is available to browse. Make sure you read the sidebar and use the search option before posting.

Not a fan of online? Here are three physical resources.

Hope this helps anybody and of course, mods feel free to remove if this is no bueno. Forgive any initial formatting, I'll probably end up editing this heavily because I can't reddit gud sometimes. If anyone has any additional resources to add, I'll edit this.

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Bitch tried to scam me

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Just had a scum of the earth try and pull a fast one on me then berated me for not allowing me to be scammed. This lady comes up to the register with one of those 50 dollar swell tumblers. Already something seems off as she smells really bad and was very figety. She says that it's a gift for her grandmother or some shit and pays me with a 100 dollar bill. Had my shift check it out and it was real. After the transaction however she then asks me for 3 receipts saying that she needs 1 for her records, 1 for her husband's records, and 1 for her grandmother. I saw through the blatant lie and told her that I could only give her 1 original and 2 gift receipts. She immediately loses her fucking mind telling me that all the other Starbucks do it and I should be fired. On top of all that she asks for a refund, like wtf lol you can't get 3 recipes so you don't want to gift anymore? After she left my shift and I called the local stores and told them about her in case she tried that shit again. Happy Sunday everyone

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