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May 18 2018


I'll pay after you make my drink

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So I work at a licensed store. Today I had a customer come in and order a caramel apple spice. I rung her up and gave her the total. She stared at me blankly and said, "Go ahead and make it." I was by myself, which is typical for our store. I politely told her that we normally ring up the drink first to which she responded saying that she comes here all the time and that they always make her drink first. She said, "I'll pay after you make my drink." Granted, sometimes we will make the drink first if we're busy and there's two of us, but it's definitely not a regular thing. Seeing that she was not in the greatest mood, I went ahead and made the drink for her. She glared at me as I made it and criticized me along the way, even asking me where the cinnamon was and having me hold up the bottle of cinnamon dolce so she could see it. Once I finished making the drink I set it to the side like I normally do before customers pay. Then she says, "Where's my drink??" I said it's right over there, your total is $3.54. She then gets all mad at me and asks for my manager. I call him over and thankfully he backs me up, saying that we typically ring customers up before making their drinks and that it was nothing against her. She didn't calm down at all after talking to him and complained about how I was being negative and she didn't want to buy a drink from a negative person. She then asked my manager for the corporate number and left without her drink. Why are people like this?

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“Platinum Princess” RANT

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Excuse the formatting, I’m on mobile writing this during my break.

I had an older lady come up to me at POS to order. She was kind of condescending to me while explaining her drink but it happens, I’m used to it.

From what I remember it was 2 venti caramel Frappuccinos, one with 2 and one with 3 shots, extra caramel drizzle (“paint the cup”), with cinnamon powder under and on top of the extra whip.

When I ask for her name she goes, “Oh honey, you’re talking to the Platinum Princess.”

“I’m sorry?”

“The Platinum Princess.”

I just smiled and went along with it and put the order under that name. She pays and moves along and I go to the next customer. About 5 minutes pass when she comes up to me and demands for a business card. I asked her what was wrong and she claimed that the partner we had on cold bar didn’t give her enough caramel drizzle on the cup, and tried to charge her an extra 60c for it and that it was “too much”. We don’t have any business cards at the moment because we got a new SM, who explained this to her. She kept demanding for one so my SM gave her the DM’s number.

She waits by the POS and goes on about how corporate is going to hear about this and how “you don’t mess with someone who knows their coffee”.

She finally gets the drink she wants with about half an inch of caramel at the bottom plus the inside of the cup covered, just like she wanted. She takes a sip and claims “there’s definitely not two shots in here”, but decides that she’s done enough, so she left. We all looked at each other like ... did that just happen?

I did have quite a few very nice customers later so that made my day worth it, but people are crazy.

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Stop asking for water at the handoff bar

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It’s stupid. I don’t know why people do it. Then they get mad because you put it at the back of your line in the sequence. I’m sorry I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to get you a water. Go order it like a normal person. Literally my biggest pet peeve

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Is it that serious?

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I was working DTW today as opposed to my usual DTO so I got to actually talk to my customers. One of our customers came up and related this story to me...

“I just wanna tell you what happened yesterday. So I went to the other location store and I was at the light to turn left into the store and this woman FLEW UP around me and swiped the side of my car allllllll up. When we pulled into the Starbucks lot, she said “I’m so sorry, I just REALLY need my coffee. You can go ahead and call the police but do you mind if I go in and get my coffee while we wait for them to get here?”

The customer couldn’t believe it. None of the baristas at my store could believe it. I just felt I needed to relate the level of addiction this random woman had reached.


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Short rant

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I feel like all I ever vent about is one particular shift. Let’s continue lol.

We had a mobile order for a food item we didn’t have, so I was waiting for them to come in to refund them or have them exchange what they wanted for something else. They came in, but I wasn’t assigned a register, was working on a few orders since we were now in a tiny rush, so I ran to the back to grab my shift.

Yes, shift, you are correct when you mumble barely out of earshot that I don’t have to tell you when I’m doing a refund. But maybe you could catch on that we’re busy, the other person with a till has a line, and that maybe since you’re just watching Netflix and eating a sandwich (not on a ten or lunch) that you could do the simple refund? Just maybe? Is that too much to ask?

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Customer here. Just know, you all are appreciated!

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I was going for my usual French vanilla iced coffee at around 8pm in my usual Starbucks. The barista there reminded me and my parents that we can get frappes for half off to which I respond “nah, I don’t wanna do that to you guys.” He laughs and states “this guy deserves a medal!” As he continues to make someone’s frappe that ordered just before me.

Just wanted to share my story. The good guys are out there and we do appreciate you amazing baristas!

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[Customer] I went to a starbucks this morning, and both of their espresso machines were broken

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And they were KILLIN IT

The girl on drive through had the 60-second salesman pitch of the century letting drive through customers know they didnt have espresso and pitching different drinks to try and match what they wanted - before they even had a chance to whine, she had a solution. I don't think I saw anyone who wasn't pleasantly surprised by the misto-coffee concotions the staff was putting together to mimic espresso drinks. Their label machine went down right after I ordered which also just sucked.

Y'all are amazing and my white mocha misto coffee thing is delicious

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PSA: If you witness a crime next door, don't go to Starbucks and ask them to call the cops. Do it yourself.

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I know you have a phone; it's how you bought your drink. And, since you just told us that you witnessed someone breaking and entering, I am professionally bound not to leave the store to go check it out. The sign doesn't say Scooby-Doobucks.

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Honestly, if you want more than 3 of a sugar/sugar substitute added, you should do it yourself

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I'm not judging anyone for liking sweet things and/or trying to reduce the amount of processed sugar they're eating, i'm just tired of the regular who mobile orders a coffee with 10 sugars every morning during the pre-work rush. I'm also tired of breathing in splenda

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you might be hearing “laurel” or “yanny”

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but i’m still trying to figure out what size you want and if it’s hot or iced

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