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November 18 2017


I started in October 2017 and get about 28~ a week, but realized my new school schedule in January will only give me Fridays and Weekends...

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I love love love being a barista, I always read about horror stories on here but I probably get a bad event every 2 weeks and usually it’s not that bad. I do get paid a very decent amount $13~ an hour (affluent but liberal neighborhood) but tips are about $.90 per hour.

Yesterday I enrolled in classes and realized that they take awkward parts of the day (like 9-4, and we close our store at 8.

I don’t want to quit, and I also was hoping to use the Health Care benefits because I need to see a therapist, and my university charges $25 per visit. That’s about $100 extra a month, not including groceries and other student things.

I know it’s dependent on each store but do you think my SM will accommodate this? Will I also be eligible for healthcare?

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Tip Distibution

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I have been tasked with doing tip distribution next week. Can anyone message me with a link on the Hub or a refresher on how the hell I get the right sheets to print? Any info is much appreciated!

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Hashtag green beans

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So this is my first time at a corporate store, (worked at a licensed for over a year) but I noticed that my store has a thing for green beans and throwing them on POS.

The way I was trained (at my licensed store) was more hands on, and I was put on bar often. We have 2 new hires at my store. They were hired around August, and so far neither of them know how to bar, or do any other role besides POS.

Every time I work with them, they’re on POS. I’ve never seen them on bar besides when they’re making their own drinks. The other day we had a noC/noS and it was just me, my SSV, and a green bean for a closing shift. It was HELL.

I don’t know if it’s just my store, or if it’s a Starbucks thing in general to keep green beans on POS. I believe in hands on learning. I was thrown into the pit and that’s how I caught on. These guys have been here almost 3 months and still don’t know how to make drinks :-/

When I have a small line of drinks I try to teach them as much as I could but we rarely get those moments. One of them has expressed to me thoughts about quitting because of lack of training. I mean I would get sick of POS too.

Does anyone else’s store do this too?

(We’re a heavy cafe/DT Los Angeles store if that makes a difference)

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Accidentally came on to a customer today

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She asked if a drink came with caramel drizzle and I confidently responded: "No, but I can put it on you"


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Onward - Two years at Starbucks.

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I'm a month away from nearing my two year anniversary at Starbucks, and I just wanted to take a step back and acknowledge how much I have grown and will continue to do so, in the world's most premier coffeeshop.

I never truly envisioned working for Starbucks. Although I've been employed by many companies, customer service is not just a job for me, but a lifestyle. This is truly one of the most demanding customer service based opportunities I have ever partaken, both mentally and physically. At times, I questioned my morality, and other times, I felt inadequate. Being a barista is not easy, and I am more then just a coffee pouring machine.

It takes a team to truly be successful in any given Starbucks. The barista who tenders your order, provides recommendations, and informs the customer on new specials and promotions. The bar barista who oversees the crafting and development of caffeinated and non caffeinated beverages, a work of art. The customer support barista who oversees coffee production, restocking, and other various operational duties.

This January will make two years I've officially started at the siren. I am proud to be your barista.

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Trenta no water rant: had to remake a frap 4 times today and I️ had a full blown panic attack

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Worked DTO/R today. Pretty standard Friday, everyone was super nice and we were getting great times.

Until this bitch showed up, at the box all she said was she wanted a “green tea frappucino with extra ice” complete with her dumping trash out of her window. I️ recognized her because she always has someone remake her frappucino before she even tries it. I️ warned my bar person to be sure they used extra ice.

She rolls up to the window and before I️ can even say hello she barks “I️ said extra ice”, I️ told her it was on the cup and she said it didn’t look right. I️ told her I️ would reblend it with extra ice. Pop it in the blender, and then tender. I️ know this woman and for the first time she says she had “employee” numbers and barks them at me while I️ am also taking other orders. I️ get her numbers and then notice that the name on her card does not match the name on partner numbers. I️ ask her what store she works at and all she says is the “one at the mall” and I️ ask her to show me her id and she claims “she lost it” I️ drop the issue and keep the numbers on there because I️ just want her to go away.

Give her drink for the second time, she takes it flips it upside down. Not thick enough. I️ take it back.

Now she is yelling at me from the drive, “put something in it to make it thicker! Carmel Drizzle?? Something!!” I️ am BARELY able to get it into the cup. I️ have to slam the blender on CB 4 Times to get it out.

Give it to her again “you need to put more base in it”

Give it to her again “why is this so hard? I️ ask for whip”

As I️ go to grab it she asks me “excuse me are you upset or something?”

I️ call for the shift to come to the window. She immediately tells the shift “my requests are not that difficult to understand and she was being VERY rude to me”

That’s when I️ lose it, I️ run to the back and start sobbing. I️ have a lot of things going on in my life, I️ have a sick mother. I️ am a full time student, I️ am recovering from my own health issues. I️ tend to bottle my emotions up and never get upset but this broke me. I️ cried so much that I️ was shaking. My shift lead told me I️ could just work on cleaning and dishes for the rest of my shift and was so sweet and lovely to me. I️ don’t know what she said to the woman but she is reporting the incident to our DM and she took down the woman’s “partner numbers”

I️ definitely made mistakes in that transaction and I should have called for my shift earlier but I️ am still fairly new (hired in July) but I will not ever handle another transaction with that woman.

I️ need a drink.

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Let me preface this with the fact that I love my job and the people I work with. I love the company’s values and I try to implement them each day. However, I have a few qualms with The Power That Be.

Every single store (especially high-volume drive-thrus) makes you guys thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars each week. You have astronomically high turnover and partner satisfaction is low. I know you’re wondering, “How do we make more thousands upon thousands of dollars from each store AND keep our good baristas and customers happy?”. You try promoting new colorful frappuccinos to get the school-age kids in-store. You brought out the MO&P system to get the people who don’t want to come in-store. You shut down the online store so people who don’t have time/want to order bulk/also don’t want to come in have to come in to buy merchandise and coffee. You promote a Make The Moment Right!™️ mantra so that we have the power to let every customer leave happy. You also brought in the CAP program and the Bean Stock program to help young partners through school and get a start on their 401ks! You email us partner surveys to get a “feel” for how your workers are doing. Yet, customer complaints and partner dissatisfaction are at all-time highs (as proven by the many online partner petitions & the thousands of angry comments on the “Starbucks Frappuccino” Facebook page). HOW ABOUT YOU STOP BASING STORE LABOR HOURS ON HOW FAST THE DRIVE-THRU TIMES ARE? STOP BASING LABOR HOURS ON HOW FAST WE ARE. START BASING IT ON HOW BUSY WE ARE AND HOW MANY PARTNERS ARE EMPLOYED AT ANY GIVEN STARBUCKS. START GIVING BETTER INCENTIVES FOR US TO STAY AT A GLORIFIED SUGARMILK-SMOOTHIE SHOP. I WOULD GLADLY GIVE UP UNLIMITED FREE DRINKS DURING MY SHIFT AND THE CAP PROGRAM IF I GOT PAID A DOLLAR MORE AND I WASNT STRESSED TO THE POINT OF TEARS EVERY SINGLE DAY I STEP FOOT INTO MY STORE. STOP LETTING CUSTOMERS GET AWAY WITH PRACTICALLY VERBALLY (and sometimes PHYSICALLY) ASSAULTING PARTNERS. STOP GIVING THEM $25 GIFTCARDS WHEN THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT A $4 COFFEE. THANKS!!!

Sorry, gotta end it there. Gotta go back to my hell-store after this delicious cigarette. Stay vigilant, folks, and stay strong.

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Partners. Be kind to your partners. [Venti in a Tall]

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Today was a pretty standard Friday, all things considered (time of year, time of shift, etc). We put a semi-new green bean on Bar 1 today, with a veteran partner of over ten years on Bar 2 to act as BS.

Green Bean is learning, but can handle herself well on bar. No DT times suffered today due to waiting on drinks. And it seemed like a good morning while we were blasting through peak like bosses, until a little into it, a veteran partner on DTO "threw shade" at the bean.

While steaming soy milk, it got a little loud. Instead of working through it like she does for any other partner, DTO (we'll call her Patty- not her real name) says to the customer, "Excuse me one moment." She turns off her headset to the DT, and using the partner channel, says to the bean on Bar 1, "I cannot focus with you steaming milk."

I was shocked. Anyone who had a headset heard it. It was petty, rude, and embarrassed the bean on bar! Not to mention Patty had NO place to stop talking to a customer DURING PEAK just to berate another partner over milk. It wasn't that loud. BS heard every order just as well as DTO did, and never once complained about milk steaming.

My point is this- there's a way to communicate with your partners over things, and then there's just being mean. Patty was mean. Patty turned into a Partrude- a Partner Gertrude. She sought nothing but humiliation and degradation of a fellow partner, and at such an inappropriate time, too.

I know the holiday season is going to make monsters of many of us- myself included. But remember that we are all in this together, guys. Cutting someone down doesn't benefit the team in any way. Teaching someone will LIFT the team to a new level.

Let's remember to lift, not cut.

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A Venti about Peppermint.

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My store has been out of peppermint syrup since Tuesday, with no hints as to when it’ll finally come in. I have now dealt with more Gertrudes who I’m sure are convinced we are breaking the International Bill of Human Rights by not having Peppermint. I’m sorry we haven’t gotten it in. I’m sorry you mobile ordered 20 minutes ago and we still don’t have peppermint. I’m sorry I ruined your day. I’m sorry you dropped your other peppermint mocha from a different store, and this was the only place you could get a replacement. Oh, wait, no, I actually don’t care about how this is ‘literally the worst thing to ever happen’. Stop screaming at the order box. Stop glaring because I can’t make your drink. Y’all need to expand your world view. Siren Help me.

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November 17 2017


Eff mobile orders and drive times.

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So yeah let me me and the other bar partner bust ass getting times down and then get talked on for not being fast enough while the mobile order printer doesn’t stop. Wtf corporate Y’ALL GET PAID TOO MUCH FOR SHIT IDEAS.

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To A Local Starbucks Store...

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To one of the local Starbucks I occasionally visit on my way in to work:

Bless you. I recently visited around 2:30 PM one weekday, or better know as the time that hell warms over. Your store is fairly small in size and it was packed to the brim with grade school age children running amok, knocking things over, ordering drinks they don't even know anything about but are ordering to look cool only to turn around and complain about the taste, sitting at tables opposite a business professional WHO WAS ALREADY USING THAT TABLE AND HAD HIS LAPTOP AND PADFOLIO OUT TO DO WORK, pushing each other out of the way and hovering around the handout counter like flies to shit. I walked in and thought, "What fresh hell is this that I stepped into?" After I shimmied my way to the register, I ordered my simple drink and the poor girl taking my order looked like she was going to have a nervous break down. I made sure to be extra kind and courteous when she said it might be a few minutes. And then I shoved my way over to the one free spot to stand at and wait for my name to be called while hoards of these awful children shoved 5 deep around the pass, making fun of each other's drinks and just all-around screaming at the top of their lungs because, kids. I watched the scene unfold around me and watched the baristas bust their asses to fly through these drinks as fast as humanly possibly. Then I heard my name called and as I attempted to grab it, rather than moving out of my way, the kids passed my drink back to me. What the serious shit is that? Don't touch someone else's drink, homies. I walked out of the store and left feeling so sorry for these baristas and the fact that they probably deal with this EVERY DAMN DAY. You deserve a fucking medal for putting up with this nonsense. Or at least a pizza party. Or both. You have my condolences knowing what awaits you this holiday season. Keep fighting the good fight! I will not be back at this time of day to this store, ever.


Amazed and Beyond Appreciative

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